hey there:)

haven’t seen you in a long time.:)

this will also probably the last time too:)

what? Yeah you heard me right:)) I’m saying bye bye to this wonderful little blog that has provided me with such happiness and where I met so many wonderful people:) 

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience here:))

However this is not the end of my blogging days:) I’m going to have an entirely new blog but I’m not going you the link:)) hopefully you’ll find me again.

so, for the last time,

with love,



///a indigo cup of tea\\\ {essesntials}

No excuses people. I haven’t been posting for 1000000 days. I am so sorry  😦 . Life has been a really huge headache lately. A whirlwind of friendship trials, mock paper, tests assignments, tears and mucus. Yep, you kinda get my drift. I have been so tired lately.

BUT, I did have time to do some things as a treat to myself fortunately 🙂 . So, in my short break which I have right now, I can share them with you 😀 .

  1. Movies
  •  Inside out

One of the best movies of all time. No wait, actually, it is THE best movie of all time, a must watch if you are human :3

  • Scorch Trials

Right now, I have the trailer of scorch trials running with the sounds blasting of through my earphones. I can’t wait.

  • Pixels

I haven’t watched it yet, but I hope to. The trailer looked really good. But never judge a movie by its trailer. (hope its good though)


To be honest, this movie was really dry, it felt like trailer for movie that never happened, filled with the worst clichés possible. Sigh, it was a waste of money and 2 hours of my life.

2. Songs

  • Drag me down

This song. This song.

  • War paint:)

Love this one;)))))

  • Pompeii

by Bastille:)

  • Save Me

Gentle Bones:) It’s amazingly catchy. Gentle Bones is a genius, a freaking genius I tell you.

  • Hunting Happiness. 

This song is depressing and that makes me smile. hehe, I sound creepy. Muahahahhaa

  • This I believe (the creed)

   You must listen to the song. It’s a must must must.

I could put a smiley face for all these songs. They are AMAZING. Music is my little corner where I can be happy. 🙂
Sadly, that’s all I have time for 😦 I really need to revise right now becuase EOYs are crashing down on me like a bad dream. 

With love, 


Fall on-Punggol Waterway

   Heyy bambinos 🙂 Just the other day, I headed to Punggol Waterway, waiting to disappointed. Instead, I was proven wrong. It is really amazing and breath-taking. If you aren’t convinced, here are my best shots to sway you. scroll through slowly!

Did I convince you? If I didn’t, you’ll just have to go and visit it to see for yourself.

*I took and own all of these photos*

*if you are wondering why it says fall over, I mean trip*