Waterfalls from your eyes

Sometimes, the universe conspires against you and there is nothing you can do about it. After that, your body would most likely respond in the most human way to respond. Cry. It’s okay, no need to shy away from it, don’t need to feel ashamed because that is human reaction.

To be honest, I feel really good after a good cry. I’m not one to admit it but crying is nice. If some of you feel sucky its honestly okay. Anyway, her are some things to remeber when you feel like crying. (or are crying) It depends honestly.

1. You are not the only one

This one I can tell you quite honestly. I cry a lot, (i am not about to divulge you in my average number of times i cry per week, not that I counted) Plus, to all those who are ‘cool’ and supposedly never cry, dude, you were a baby once. Babies cry a lot.  

2. crying is a natural response

to sadness. It’s your body’s way of responding to sadness.

Leading scientists says that the human phenomenon of emotional crying is hugely important and developed as a way for humans to communicate how they feel before the emergence of language.

See? If you’re feeling sad you will cry. So don’t think that you are weird or anything, just because you are crying. Please. If so, I’m probably the *cough*  non-wierdest person on the world and that’s quite impossible. hehe. Yep. Very impossible.

3. crying is not only a response to sadness

BUT ALSO A RESPONSE TO HAPPINESS.Okay, admittedly this supposed to be about sad tears, but I had to include this because happy tears are so amazing. Like when you see your brother get married and you’re so happy for him, and you cry tears of joy. I love those tears. Or when your friends make you laugh so hard you start to cry. And soda spurts out of your nose. Ah, good times.

4. aftermath of crying

After you cry, that feeling is amazing. There’s the sense of relief rushing through you and you feel like sighing in happiness. Except for the snot on your nose. That sucks. Actually other than the awesome feeling, the aftermath of crying kinda sucks.

5. mian zi

That is the Chinese word for face, it’s like reputation. You know after your cry, you feel like your reputation is tarnished. Which is completely not true. Let Johnny Depp tell you

People cry, not becuase they are weak. It’s because they have been strong for too long.

So Depp. AHAHAHAH SEE WHAT I DID THEREEEEE. Sorry, as I’m writing this post i can feel myself getting super high. Effect of indie pop music. Okay then, ONWARD.

*elsie get that shred of sanity together*

6.  always a rainbow after the rain

Yes, there is no rainbow without a rain. I’m a pessimist and I don’t think that are always rainbows without the rain, but there are no rainbows without the rain. Pick yourself up because what you’re crying about, is already there. You can either mope or change it. I suggest you change it. 🙂

7.  tears taste nice

Okay I know this is really weird but its true. Part of the reason I cry is to lick my tears XD . It actually tastes nice. I am not kidding you. That’s the upside of crying 😀 .

That’s all, why crying isn’t as bad as it seems. Whatever you’re going through,  you CAN pull through it. While you’re at it, don’t forget to have fun! 🙂

With Love,






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