Pocketful of posies

I’m really sorry. I just have to. This thing has been bugging me for days and week and years AND PROBABLY MY WHOLE LIFETIME, exaggerating, don’t worry. But as you can see, I am well and truly peeved by this matter.

What’s the matter you ask?

Well, here it is. MY POCKETS ARE FAKE. At this point, I am imagining you go like, “whaaaaa”. So, first of all let me remind you that I am COMPLETELY SANE (as of now). And second, you haven’t even heard me out yet. 

So you are probably at the edge of your seats, wondering and hoping that this dreary girl will just get on with it.

Ok. Here it is. have this pair of pants that has a pair of pockets in the front. Except that they are not pockets. THEY LOOK LIKE REAL POCKETS ON THE OUTSIDE BUT THERE IS NO HOLES TO PUT YOUR STUFF.

Right now, I am visualising you shaking your head and moving your cursor to close this tab. I can’t help it, I’m a visual person. *off topic*

Ok anyway, it might seem like nothing but it is ABSOLUTELY AND POSITIVELY A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G. It really is.

First of all, you are deceived. You look at the pants with it’s wonderful pockets on the front and you think everything is going on beautifully in your life. And then that wonderful life takes a turn when you are rushing off to meet your friends and you try to stuff your phone into your pockets and realise, they can’t go in. See? Told you it was bad.

Sure you can put it into your back pockets, but that’s different. If you put your phone there, what do you do when you want to sit down? Sit on your $800 phone? I don’t think so. Also, it’s particularly annoying when you have used tissues back there. You know, with the mucu- Okay let’s not go there, but you get my drift.

More than that, when you have front pockets, you have four pockets in total. When you have no front pockets, you only have two pockets in total. I did my math.

How does one survive without front pockets? I really hope that H&M will not continue with their fake front pockets, it really is annoying. I hope you will not have to suffer through the pain of absent front pockets. I hope.


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