the monday blues

Let’s be honest here. No matter who you are and what you do, you’ve definitely suffered from the monday blues. And we’ve all had that rainfall of curses of monday. (darn you monday!) The mere thought of monday on a Sunday night is enough to send shivers down your spine. So without any further ado, let me tell you 7 reasons why we all suffer from monday blues.

  1. Waking up. 

HOW DID THE PERSON WHO INVENTED MONDAYS EVEN EXPECT US TO WAKE UP ON MONDAYS? After enjoying the blissful sensation of sleeping late and waking up late during the weekend, having to suffer through waking up early for work/school on Mondays is disgusting. Usually, I’m groggy from last night’s late night. You all know that feeling. Enough said.

2.   Work that you forgot about.

Okay, picture this. You finally drag yourself out of bed with your eyes threatening to close. You check your phone and there’s a reminder from your friend to do your work. You start mildly hyperventilating and check your file. There’s a blank worksheet there. You faint.

3.  Seeing some particular people.

Now don’t get me wrong, I really look forward to seeing some people (in fact that’s probably the only thing I look forward to). For me, the weekend is a break for me from those people who really really get on my nerves. Don’t worry though, if you’re reading this blog, it’s not you. But seriously, the people who get on my nerves are the ones that make me shiver when I walk through the doors of my school.

4. Socialising

This might just be me, but I’m sure the introvert-extrovert people out there get me. After the weekend, a.k.a. holing up in my cave with my phone and my com, I dread the idea of going to school and having to talk to people when all I feel like doing is zoning out on my own especially when I’m sleepy. Introverts of the internet universe, I know you agree with me. (I’ll touch more on the problem of being an Introvert-extrovert in another post)

5. The sheer idea of surviving the week

You know what I mean. No explanation needed.

6. Memory loss

During the weekend, I literally forget everything. I forget where that chemistry worksheet is, where that literature file is and on a really bad monday I forget where why school bag is. When I find it, I dust off the cobwebs and shoo away the spiders.

7. Regrets

Every Sunday, I tell myself to do something and I promise myself I won’t regret it. But the next day, I do. Like that time, I forced myself to keep myself awake to chat with a friend. You can probably guess what happened the next monday morning.

And there you have it bubs, why everyone hates Mondays. There’s probably a lot more reasons so tell me in the comments below! Anyway, its Monday today everyone! Now that the blues are over, let’s get ready to survive the week! Have a great day bubs!


4 thoughts on “the monday blues

  1. hannah says:

    When teachers yell at you for not completing your homework despite the fact that you had a social event to attend and two hundred math questions. =_= ‘Nuff said.


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